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In March of 2020, Colorado Springs Police Department stopped offering the breath test as an option to drivers suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol due to Covid-19 transmission concerns. Drivers who refused the alternative blood test put them in violation of Colorado’s “Express Consent” law, which triggers an automatic one-year license suspension and other sanctions. Colorado Springs DUI attorneys Mike Moran, Timothy Bussey, and others aggressively challenged the legality of CSPD’s policy change and won DUI dismissals and suppression of blood test evidence for affected clients!

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Call Mike Moran without delay if you have been arrested or questioned in connection with a crime. A former Judge now defending clients against criminal charges the Colorado Springs area, one call to Mike can quickly put your life back in order. We deliver exceptional results whether defending a minor traffic charge or a multiple felony Colorado Springs DUI.


If you are arrested or questioned by police, be respectful but politely decline to engage in conversation with anyone about the alleged incident. You must clearly say the words “I want to speak with a lawyer.”

Police are excellent interrogators and will ask for your help to “clear this all up.” If you keep talking, they will continue your interrogation, hoping to catch you in a lie or force you into a confession.

Avoid this trap by saying the words “I want to speak with a lawyer” and then remain completely silent until given your constitutional right to call an attorney.

You are not required to assist the police with their investigation.  Be respectful but politely decline to engage in conversation with the police (or anyone else) about the incident.


Hiring a top Colorado Springs attorney to defend your case will give you an immediate advantage. 

Why? Because most county-level prosecutors are fresh out of law school. Yes, you read that right – the prosecutor that’s plotting to ruin your life is likely only in their mid to late twenties. These young attorneys join the prosecuting attorney’s office for the chance to get courtroom experience they can apply a few years later when they transition to defense private practice.

Along the way, they do not want to risk losing cases at trial. Their resumes will take a hit if they don’t maintain a very high percentage of convictions. So they look to steamroll timid and unprepared public defenders and take advantage of attorneys who are weak, inexperienced, and avoid jury trials.

So when you hire the widely renowned, thoroughly prepared, and highly effective DUI attorney Mike Moran – it’s now a different ballgame for the prosecution. They instantly know there is zero chance for an easy win in your case, so they pick their battles.¬†

Your chances of obtaining an outright dismissal or favorable settlement offer increase after you hire a battle-tested trial attorney who commands instant respect from the prosecutor’s office. Will all that’s on the line, you need a felony DUI lawyer with the experience, legal skills, and jury trial success to guide you through these challenging moments in your life.

Colorado Springs attorney Mike Moran is the logical choice to fight for you against any felony or misdemeanor charge.

It’s hard to overstate the lasting impact a conviction has long after the case is closed. A felony or misdemeanor conviction in this state can lead to much more than just incarceration, probation, or parole.

With a criminal conviction is on your record, suitable housing, the right to vote, ownership of a firearm, or the ability to find suitable employment all become problems.

Get the superior results you deserve by consulting with Attorney Moran about your charge. At Michael W. Moran, P.C., we have handled more than 25,000 cases over the past two decades.

As Colorado Springs DUI lawyers, we have helped thousands of clients fight their charges and obtain favorable outcomes. We stand ready to help you fight your charges too. Get the highest-rated defense attorneys in Colorado Springs working for you!

DUI Defense Excellence

Engineered from the ground up to provide premium criminal defense against any alleged crime, our priority in all cases is fighting for the leverage necessary to get your charges dismissed.

Over two decades, the premier law firm of Michael W. Moran, P.C. has represented tens of thousands of people facing criminal charges. 

Our firm has consistently provided superb service fighting petty misdemeanor offenses, juvenile crimes, and traffic violations to high-level felonies like DUI, domestic violence, drug crimes, and murder charges to our clients.

We know the stress you are under when facing arrest or under investigation. Your freedom, the welfare of your family, and your future depend on the effectiveness, determination, and skill of the criminal attorney you choose. 

Get the professional help you need now. Contact us immediately if the police question or arrest you or someone you love.


Selecting the law office of Michael W. Moran, P.C. to defend your case means your case will be represented by an extremely experienced and courtroom tested trial attorney. An attorney who knows all the angles within the local and state legal system.

Mike Moran has the proven experience, dedication, and drive to secure the best possible outcome for your case. Our firm uses only the best investigators, independent laboratories, and expert witnesses to punch holes in the prosecution’s case against you.

And our dedicated staff of paralegals and legal assistants will keep you informed of essential hearing dates and case developments every step of the way.

Free Consultations

We offer free consultations so you have the opportunity to discuss your criminal charge with Mike Moran before you decide on the defense attorney that will represent you.

We encourage you to provide all relevant case documents at this meeting (including police reports) so attorney Moran can weigh the strength of the charges against you and clearly explain your best legal options. 

Mike will answer any questions you may have, give you an in-depth understanding of the charges against you, the potential penalties if convicted, and discuss the proven defense strategies against your charges.

Call us at (719) 447-1923 or contact the office online to schedule your free case review today. Or contact Michael T. Allen at our Family Law website for help with family law matters.

Michael W. Moran, P.C. are dedicated to providing superior results for clients in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Manitou Springs, Castle Rock, Fountain, Peyton, Monument, Green Mountain Falls, Palmer Lake, and other areas throughout the state.

Attorney Mike Moran understands how hard the state of Colorado will work to convict you. Our firm has successfully defended our clients in countless jury trial cases throughout the Front Range, and we welcome the chance to speak with you.

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