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Reckless Driving Colorado

RECKLESS DRIVING COLORADO DEFENSE A reckless driving conviction in Colorado is defined as a person whose vehicle is driven in a manner that suggests a willful disregard for another person. Because reckless driving convictions in Colorado could have severe consequences, a lawyer may needed to defend you. Our Colorado Springs law firm, Michael W. Moran,

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How Much Does A DUI Cost

HOW MUCH DOES A COLORADO DUI COST? Many Colorado drivers have this same question when facing a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI). And if you can’t afford the court costs and penalties, it may seem ridiculous to waste money on a top DUI lawyer to fight your charge. For DUI’s, legal costs and

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What Is The Difference Between DWAI and DUI In Colorado

DUI OR DWAI? The difference between DWI and DWAI hinges on your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) or the concentration of drugs in your bloodstream when you are arrested for driving drunk driving or driving while ability impaired in Colorado. DUI and DWAI are both charged under Colorado statute 42-4-1301, CRS, which makes it a crime to

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Colorado Domestic Violence Arrest

If You Are Arrested For Domestic Violence Domestic Violence cases are processed very rapidly in the Colorado court system. This unique of DV cases is commonly referred to as the Fast Track system. It means that if you are arrested for a crime that falls into the category of domestic abuse, you will have very

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Colorado DUI Chemical Test

Colorado’s “Express Consent” law also means that if you refuse to undergo a chemical blood alcohol test, you can lose your driver’s license for up to one year automatically. So you must consent to a chemical test if law enforcement suspects you are driving under the influence of alcohol. When police stop you for suspicion

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DUID In Colorado | Colorado Springs DUID Lawyer

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS (DUID) When Colorado adopted the constitutional amendment allowing medical marijuana, there was a spike in the prosecution of driving under the influence of drugs. Even though medical marijuana is legal, under the Colorado DUI statutes, driving under the influence of marijuana is not. Likewise, Driving Under the Influence of

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