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Mike Moran

White Collar Crimes

White collar crime is a broad term. It is generally defined as a non-violent crime involving cheating, dishonesty, and economic crimes.  White collar crimes are heard in Misdemeanor and Felony Courts as well as in Federal Courts. Contact Michael W. Moran at 719-447-1923 for your free consultation. White Collar crimes can include: Fraud Theft Embezzlement …

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A bench warrant issues when an individual fails to appear in court or fails to complete court requirements from a previous conviction or a deferred sentence.  A bench warrant authorizes police to arrest an individual and bring him/her to the Judge who issued the bench warrant to address the court case. Call Mike Moran at …

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Theft Charge In Colorado

Theft charges in Colorado Charges of theft in Colorado range from simple misdemeanors to life changing felony events.  A misdemeanor theft charge such as shoplifting can be filed in the Municipal Court and involve potential penalties to include jail, public service, restitution and probation. A felony theft charge results when the dollar amount involves $1,000.00 …

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Gambling & Casino Crimes

Colorado has limited low-stakes gambling in several historical communities.  These gambling activities are controlled and monitored by the State of Colorado through the Colorado Gaming Commission.  Colorado has established rules of gaming conduct and statutes for criminal violations against the gambling laws.  Gambling and casino related violations may include: Limited Gaming Cheating by a Licensee …

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Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of Justice, Witness Tampering, and Offenses relating to Governmental Operations  involve individuals being accused of impairing or interfering with a police officer or government official’s duties. The charges can be heard as a misdemeanor or felony and involve serious consequences. If you are contacted and investigated by the police, the best way to protect …

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Federal Crimes

In El Paso County and Colorado Springs various criminal charges are heard in the local Federal Magistrate Court.  This commonly occurs when a criminal event takes place on a Federal installation such as: United States Air Force Academy Fort Carson Peterson Air Force Base National Parks Shriver Air Base United States Post Office NORAD Any …

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