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Consult with our leading Colorado Springs DUI Lawyer if you have been charged with drunk driving in Colorado Springs.  We will fight for an outright acquittal and help you keep your drivers license and work to reduce any penalties. Contact our criminal law firm and put the local DUI experts in your corner fighting for you.


Colorado is an “Expressed Consent” state, which means as a condition of granting you a license to drive, you automatically consent to provide the state with an immediate blood, saliva or urine test upon an arrest for driving under the influence. And it means that you agree to allow the state to revoke your driving privileges unless you specifically object within the 7 day period after your arrest.

We have busy lifestyles along the Front Range and with Only 7 Days To Save Your License, time is of the essence to meet as quickly as possible. Our Colorado Springs DUI Lawyer will schedule your DMV hearing so you can keep driving and we’ll appear in court so you don’t have to take time off of work.


DUI cases are difficult but winnable. This can be true even if strong field sobriety test evidence is available against you. But the hard proof necessary to convict you is not always present, like an accurate breath test result or probable cause. Over 400 drivers in the greater Colorado Springs area are charged with DUI each year.  Many of those charged with DUI in Colorado Springs are successfully defended by our lawyers each year.

Even if a case cannot be dismissed, the DUI charges or penalties are often reduced. To do so requires detailed knowledge of the Colorado DUI law. A skilled Colorado Springs DUI lawyer will put you in the very best position to beat your DUI charge.

Depending on the circumstances your case can be decided in several ways:

  • The charges shall be withdrawn or the matter rejected. It is as though you were never first arrested when this happens. There’s no court fight and your record goes nothing. There are many reasons why cases can be rejected: because prosecutors too much to accept your case, because their was insufficient probable cause, the evidence is not enough or your lawyer is a good negotiator. The case may be rejected for many reasons.
  • You are acquitted. To be acquitted means to be “not guilty” and to go completely free. If you and your lawyer decide to go to court, this is the end objective. Your chance of acquittal is best if your lawyer can argue that any evidence you are received in the court is not acceptable.
  • The charges have been reduced. Your Colorado Springs DUI lawyer can sometimes negotiate an agreement for you. The prosecutor agrees in a typical deal to decrease your costs or ask for a more lenient sentence. The ideal offer is to transform the driving under the influence charges from a wet reckless charge to one that is far milder. You’ll have to plead guilty in this arrangement, but because sometimes it is the easiest way to go forward.

The easiest way to improve your chances of beating a DUI is to hire a highly experienced criminal defense attorney specializing in Colorado Springs DUI Defense. Take advantage of our free consultation to discuss your DUI charges today.


Colorado state law treats DUI as a serious crime. Here’s a rundown of what to expect:

  • After a DUI arrest your license will be revoked within seven days unless you seek a meeting with the DMV to try to avert it.
  • You will face a court case that begins with an arrest, where you make your plea, which can then proceed to a courtroom trial.
  • Your counsel may be able to secure a better result for you without actually having to go to trial. If you continue the hearing, the result will be determined by a jury.

There are tactics that your DUI lawyer should use to beat your DUI charge. They involve finding flaws in the prosecution’s facts, proving that your rights were violated during your detention, and undermining the arresting officer’s testimony. Both tactics may be used during the prosecution to obtain a plea deal or attempt to defend the case during the trial.

If you are arrested, you will face punishments, including imprisonment, fines, legal fees, treatment/education services, revoked driving licenses, and reduced driving rights. The sentences differ based on whether you had a previous DUI offense, whether anyone has been injured, and how serious the judge is. A DUI law specialist with years of experience will help you reduce the seriousness of the sentence even though you are guilty.


Formally known as the Express Consent Hearing, the Colorado DMV hearing is completely separate from your criminal DUI case. It is a Department of Revenue administrative proceeding that determines if you will be allowed to continue driving while your criminal DUI case proceeds.

After a DUI arrest, the DMV will revoke your license unless you request an Express Consent Hearing from the DMV in writing.

You have only seven days to request a DMV hearing if:

  • Your roadside breath test BAC was .08% or greater
  • Or you refused a chemical test

The DMV will mail your notice of license revocation if you took the chemical test and your BAC registered .08% or higher. Otherwise, the arresting officer will confiscate your license and present your Express Consent Affidavit and Notice of Revocation.

You must request a Express Consent hearing in writing within the 7 day period.  It is critical that you seek the counsel of an experienced DUI specialist at this point.

  • There are no appeals if you fail to request a DMV hearing in time. 
  • Public Defenders are not allowed to represent you at the DMV hearing.
  • The threshold of evidence used to determine the fate of your license is less than your criminal case.


DUI charges immediately put your personal life, work, reputation, and driver’s license at risk. To achieve the best possible outcome, you need a trained defense lawyer expert in DUI cases on your side.

A former judge experienced in criminal defense representation, attorney Moran can be the difference between a DUI conviction or an outright dismissal of charges. Avoiding a misdemeanor or felony conviction while protecting your driver’s license is always the primary goal of our experienced criminal attorneys.


Have you ever wondered what the cost to your life would be if you are charged with a DUI? Most people don’t until they get arrested and overwhelmed by the shocking costs involved. DUI’s are very expensive and can cost you your license, your insurance, job, and marriage.  Then there’s the fines and jail time to deal with.  

As soon as you are charged with a criminal offense such as a DUI or DWI, you will be hit with booking fees, court costs, bond and attorney’s fees.  These fines are known as civil obligations.

Without a specially trained Colorado Springs DUI lawyer on your side, the Court can also suspend your license for up to one year, order you to undergo alcohol treatment at your expense, endure random drug tests and perform community service.

How much does a DUI cost?


Our Colorado Springs DUI attorneys offer tremendous experience in the criminal law process and provide specific DUI case expertise. Thousands of clients throughout the Front Range have turned to our DUI attorneys to apply that specialized knowledge to protect you against criminal charges and jail time.

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