Criminal Defense Attorney Mike Moran

Make no mistake, a top criminal defense expert is required if you are facing a criminal conviction in Colorado Springs. 

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, now is not the time pick a defense lawyer on the basis of lowest price.

You deserve the very best chance of avoiding a potential prison term, county jail and probation. Hiring only a top criminal defense lawyer with the proven defense skills against your charge is vital.

Attorney Michael W. Moran is a prime example of the type of highly experienced defense attorney you need on your side to guide your criminal defense case to the best possible conclusion.

For more than twenty years, Michael W. Moran, P.C. has produced successful outcomes for thousands of local residents facing criminal charges.  Attorney Moran has the tenacity and skills required to create positive outcomes in even the most difficult criminal prosecutions.

As your attorney, you can expect Mike Moran to aggressively defend you against the charges you face leveraging his vast experience and knowledge of the court system to ensure the most favorable result for you.

Criminal Charges We Defend Against Include:

Bench Warrants
Child Abuse
Civil Protection Orders
Computer Crime
Contempt of Court
Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor
Credit Card Fraud
Criminal Impersonation
Criminal Mischief
Criminal Tampering
Disorderly Conduct
Distribution of a Controlled Substance
Domestic Violence
Drug Crimes
Drug Distribution
False Imprisonment
Habitual Traffic Offenders
Identity Theft
Indecent Exposure
Juvenile Offenses
Medical Marijuana
Obstructing a Peace Officer
Possession of a Controlled Substance
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Pre-Filing Representation
Prescription Drug Fraud
Probation Violations
Property Crimes
Resisting Arrest
Restraining Order Charges
Sealing Criminal Records
Vehicular Assault

Colorado Criminal Statutes

When You Are Charged With A Crime In Colorado Springs

Your criminal court proceeding will have multiple phases including:

Filing of Charges

This is a relatively simple process Where an individual will be advised of their constitutional rights before the appropriate court. A bond amount will be set and the next court appearance is scheduled in approximately four weeks. It is important to obtain a criminal defense attorney to advocate on your behalf to ensure all legal processes are met.

Preliminary Hearing

If a person is charged with a felony rated F-3 and above, he is constitutionally entitled to a preliminary hearing. At the preliminary hearing a Colorado Springs Judge must decide if there is sufficient probable cause to continue the case and set it for trial.

Disposition Hearing

The disposition hearing is where your attorney begins negotiations with the District Attorney’s office. In order to protect your rights, it is imperative your defense attorney be the one who advocates on your behalf and forms a positive impression with the District Attorney, rather than a negative impression. It is dangerous for defendants to talk to the District Attorney directly without representation.

Pretrial Hearings and Motions

Pretrial hearings involve the tiling of constitutional motions. Motions address whether a federal or constitutional right has been violated. They are filed to ask the Court to suppress evidence wrongfully taken by the police and, if successful, that evidence is precluded at trial. A competent criminal defense attorney knows when to file these motions on behalf of his client.

Courtroom Trial

If your case proceeds to trial, all that matters is that your defense lawyer has the ability to command and persuade a jury in your defense.  In this setting, criminal defense attorney Moran's courtroom presence, grasp of the facts, and ability to dissect the prosecutor's case prove his effectiveness beyond doubt in pursuit of your "not guilty" verdict.


A plea agreement is a negotiated agreement between you and the prosecuting attorney and is reached before sentencing. Attorney Mike Moran will assist you in reaching the most favorable outcome possible.

A plea agreement could include you receiving a deferred sentence that ultimately results in your case being dismissed, pleading guilty to a lesser charge, or a stipulation to probation. These are just a few of the potential agreements that could be negotiated.

PSIR Report

Criminal Defense Colorado SpringsIf a pre-­sentencing investigation report [PSIR] is requested, you would be sent to probation for an interview. At the interview, a probation officer will look at various factors and gather information to provide to the court.

The probation officer’s recommendation is provided to the Judge to assist in determining an appropriate sentence. The factors could include the circumstances surrounding the incident, the client's individual history, and the severity of the charge.

A good criminal defense attorney always prepares his client for this phase of sentencing. Make sure you are ready by having Attorney Mike Moran on your side.

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