Gambling & Casino Crimes

Colorado Springs Casino & Gambling Crimes LawyerColorado has limited low-stakes gambling in several historical communities.  These gambling activities are controlled and monitored by the State of Colorado through the Colorado Gaming Commission.  Colorado has established rules of gaming conduct and statutes for criminal violations against the gambling laws.  Gambling and casino related violations may include:

  • Limited Gaming Cheating by a Licensee
  • Cheating by Fraud or Deception
  • Cheating
  • Fraudulent Gambling
  • Defrauding a Casino
  • Possession of a Gambling Device
  • Theft from a Casino
  • Unauthorized Card Games
  • Unauthorized Playing of Poker for Profit
  • False Charitable Gambling or Gaming
  • Misrepresentation of Gaming License
  • Misuse of Gaming License
  • Maintaining an Illegal Gambling Establishment

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Gambling violations may be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on n the severity. A misdemeanor conviction penalty can include a six month jail sentence. A felony gambling conviction penalty can include up to 18 months of prison.

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