How Long Will A Colorado DUI Stay On Record?

Our office is often contacted by people inquiring as to how long a Colorado DUI conviction will stay on your driving record.  The answer is: FOREVER.

How Long Will A DUI Stay On Your Record In ColoradoUnlike a personal credit report where negative information automatically drops off your file after a number of years, a DUI or DWAI conviction in the state of Colorado is a permanent part of your Colorado driving record.

That is why it is so important to aggressively contest any Colorado DUI or DWAI charge immediately upon arrest.  In addition to the very real possibility of jail time and heavy fines, a DUI/DWAI conviction will mean that you will have to obtain SR-22 (High-risk) auto insurance for three years.  Good luck renting a car during that period, or obtaining employment with any company that pulls up your driving record as part of the screening process.

We urge all Colorado residents never to operate a motor vehicle after you have been drinking.  The consequences of doing so are simply too great to risk.  If you do find yourself arrested on a DUI or DUID charge in Colorado, exercise your constitutional right to remain silent and immediately consult with an experienced Colorado DUI lawyer concerning your case.